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Stallion Divider (optional extra)

Through the years, having known and worked with horses, we experienced a number of shortcomings in all the makes and models of horseboxes currently on the market.  Rust, vibration, poor paintwork, rattles, metal fatigue, cracks in the metal, unacceptable swaying behind the towing vehicle etc. are just a few to mention.  As a result of this we decided to construct a horsebox that would satisfy the expectations of horse owners.

Research was done to determine which metal would be appropriate for the purpose.  Aluminium was decided upon for several reasons, one of which was the clean look that it presents. Furthermore we had to determine if the metal would be able to carry the weight and endure the vibration.  We met with the engineer of A.F.S.A Aluminium Federation, Mr. Tony Patterson and an engineer of Hulamin Extrusions, Mr. Otto Wood, to determine the maximum strength and agility of the metal.   Tempered alloy sections are used on the structure and Tread bright panels for the sides.

Our purpose with the Equus Supreme Trailer is to give you the Ultimate in Horseboxes regarding durability, towing ability, comfort, silence, stability and luxury. All trailers are hand-manufactured with utmost care, competent craftsmanship and strict quality control.   For these reasons we do not mass –produce.

NO hidden costs!! The ONLY optionals are: Stallion divider, Paddock, Alloy Rims, Colour, Jerry Cans + holders and Tent.

Polyethylene is used as bushes in the hinges to extend their lifespan and is maintenance free (polyethylene is resistant to chemicals, no break, has a high compressive strength and a working temperature of 80 to 95 degrees).   The structure is hand-welded and the panels are glued and securely screwed to it with Sikaflex 221 and torsion screws. Pop rivets are not used, because they have a tendency to loosen with time.

One of the features of the trailer is the stability while being towed.  The reason for this is the exact placement of the axle.  The wooden interior has been treated to withstand water damage.  Armour-plated, tinted windows are installed for the safety of the horses. 

Wheels: For strength steel rims are fitted standard with softer aluminuim rims available as an optional extra (although not recommended for those doing extensive driving on rough / dirt roads).

A rattle-free environment is created which has a calming and soothing effect on the horse.  The aerodynamic finish in front and on the roof ensures a steady balance in windy conditions.  The Equus Supreme, being lightweight, allows you to tow it with a smaller vehicle.

Polyethelene Hinge with gas cylinder

Tack box